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简介 BIO

A truly multi-disciplinary artiste, Aaron Xiang Hua is a singer-songwriter and dancer based in Singapore who has rich experience both on and off the performance stage.


Entering showbiz as a professional dancer since the young age of 12, Aaron has served as a choreographer, dance instructor and stage director for several major events including Singapore's National Day and Thailand's Songkran Festival, as well as performances for Marina Bay Sands, Resorts World Sentosa and Mediacorp events.


Aaron made his switch into music in 2016 with his debut EP Breakthrough, where two of the songs 'Not Too Bad (像这样也很好)' and 'Memories (拒绝回忆)' were selected as sub-theme songs for Mediacorp TV series The Gentleman (来自水星的男人) and Malaysian drama series Star Avenue (我的星光大道) respectively.


Aaron quickly followed up on the success of his debut to two back-to-back EPs in 2017 and 2018 — Mevolution, which is fully composed and written by Aaron himself, and Confluence, a collaborative album with overseas musicians.


On the two albums, Aaron worked with renowned producers George Leong, who has worked with the Mandopop superstars like Leslie Cheung and Sandy Lam; as well as Hangi Tavakoli, who has collaborated with international artists including Hans Zimmer, Adele, Snoop Dogg, Shawn Mendes, Sam Smith and Imagine Dragons. 

In 2021, Aaron reunited with George Leong on his single 'Couple Dance’ (双人舞), followed by 2022’s ‘Heartbeat’ (心跳).


With a solid foundation in dance choreography and performance, Aaron is no stranger to the entertainment stage. Through his songs, Aaron aims to captivate his listeners with his emotional love songs that touch the heartstrings. 


双栖艺人 Aaron 向华是来自新加坡的创作歌手与舞者,在台上台下都拥有着丰富的经 验。


Aaron 年仅 12 岁就以专业舞者的身份踏入演艺圈,这些年来担任了舞者,编舞指导以 及舞蹈教师多种角色。Aaron 参与过的活动包括了新加坡一年一度的国庆日庆典,以 及泰国著名的泼水节。他也曾参与滨海湾金沙、圣淘沙名胜世界和新传媒活动的演出。


Aaron 于 2016 年转移轨道,推出了人生中第一张迷你专辑《Breakthrough》,正式添 加多一个头衔,成为创作歌手。专辑当中的两首歌曲《像这样也很好》和《拒绝回忆》 也各自被新传媒电视连续剧《来自水星的男人》以及马来西亚连续剧《我的星光大道》 选为戏剧曲。


随着出道专辑的成功,Aaron 在 2017 年和 2018 年陆续推出多两张迷你专辑 — Aaron 亲手作词作曲的《Mevolution》和与海外艺人合作推出的《Confluence》。


在这两张专辑中,Aaron 也找来了知名制作人梁伯君和 Hangi Tavakoli 合作。梁伯君是 为张国荣、林忆莲等天王天后级歌手作曲编曲的资深制作人,伊朗籍的 Hangi Tavakoli 则是和多名音乐人,如 Hans Zimmer、Adele、Snoop Dogg、Shawn Mendes、Sam Smith 和 Imagine Dragons 合作过的国际级制作人。





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