​“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything."

- Plato


Aaron 向华 is Singer-Songwriter, Dance instructor and Choreographer based in Singapore. He has been in the industry since young as a Professional Dancer / Choreographer before becoming a Singer.  He has spent most of his creative life surrounding with different music genres and building up his crafts as a Singer-Songwriter and Choreographer.  


In 2016, he has successfully released his first EP album, Breakthrough. In this album, two songs ( "Not Too Bad"《像这样也很好》and "Memories" 《拒绝回忆》)  were been selected as the Sub-Theme Song for MediaCorp Channel 8 TV Drama, "The Gentleman" 《来自水星的男人》and Malaysia Drama,  《我的星光大道》.


In 2017 to 2018, he successfully released two EP albums namely Mevolution which is fully composed and written by him and Confluence which is a collaboration album with overseas musicians. Both albums have received positive reviews and won many audiences across worldwide. In those albums, he has touches many audiences due to his song writing abilities, dance Skills and unique trending music arrangement by two renowned music producers, George Leong梁伯君 and Hangi Tavakoli. In his lyrics, you will be attracted emotionally to the contents written as it was written and composed solely on true stories.

In 2019, He has successfully released a new single 《沉默 Silence》. This particular song gives a new wave of music trend in the market and it also created next music hype for his career. Besides with his song writing ability and amazing song arranger/ producer, he once again touches everyone’s heart.  A deep true meaning from his latest song 《沉默 Silence》.





从2017年到2018年,他成功发行了两张EP专辑,即由他完全谱写的Mevolution和与海外音乐家合作的专辑Confluence。这两张专辑都获得了好评,并赢得了全世界的众多听众。在这些专辑中,由于他的歌曲写作能力,舞蹈技巧和两位著名音乐制作人George Leong梁伯君和Hangi Tavakoli独特的流行音乐编曲,他吸引了许多听众。而在他的歌词中,您将被其所写的内容和纯粹根据的真实故事所吸引。

2019年,他成功发行了新单曲《沉默》。 这首特别的歌曲在市场上掀起了新的音乐潮流,也为他的职业生涯创造了下一个音乐炒作。 除了他的歌曲创作能力和出色的歌曲编曲/制作人,他再一次感动了每个人的心。 他的最新单曲《沉默》蕴含着深刻的意思。



Song Description (歌曲说明):


《回念 Reminisce》

The lyrics written shown deeply how Aaron 向华 was facing at the point of time when things happened and the scar that remain till today.  However the song composing and arrangement that presented the lyrics bring different feel and hidden meaning which tell a deeper story.

所写的歌词深刻地展现了Aaron 向华在事情发生之时面对的情况以及直到今天的伤痕。然而,在词曲和编曲的编排带来了不同的感觉和隐藏的含义,从而讲述了更深的故事。


《爱情魔力 love magic》 brings out the truth of everyone who goes through at a point of time when they will be deeply in love and believe the power of love magic. This amazing force pulls both parties to the spotlight which creates a vision of only two people living in this fantasy world.



《一线之差 Fine Line》

This Song was written to show the frustration in life where nobody can make a decision due to some unforeseen circumstance.



《但愿有你 Wish you were here》 was written and sang with a heavy heart that brings him to his deepest memories during his school-days.



《仙人掌的爱 Cactus love》 was beautifully created and collaborated with a renowned musician from Iran who is also the Rapper of this song and an outstanding violinist from Switzerland.


《沉默 Silence》

The untold story laid behind the lyrics was a story of regret that has been buried deep down. Sometimes relationship ended due to assumption and distance away due to silence.